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1:1 EFT/Tapping Sessions

A 1:1 Emotional Freedom Technique session is completely client-centred. During one or more EFT sessions, I will help you to “tap into” your thoughts and feelings around a troubling issue, worry or past experience to assist you to gain clarity, new perspective and resolution. We will do this in a safe and gentle way – at your pace.

As we are all individual, different issues can take a number of sessions. We will talk about this before or during your first session. EFT does achieve results very quickly but some problems or issues can be deeply held and may take longer to surface and resolve.

Currently EFT sessions are via Zoom or Skype so can be from the comfort of your own home. Each session lasts an hour

I offer a free 20-minute chat to show you how EFT works and can work for you and to understand what you would like to get from the session(s) so get in touch now

1:1 sessions – £50 per session

Using EFT with children and young people

Quite young children can be taught the EFT tapping easily and they can use it with an adult to help them with worries about friends, school or anything else that is worrying them. I have used tapping with an 8-year-old who was worrying about going back to school during the pandemic and meeting new teachers. With tapping and simple words, we moved from a sad face to a happy face

EFT Tapping is truly a technique for life

EFT / tapping once learned can help your children with worries associated with changing schools, tests and exams, friendships, moving on to college or university and help them as they move into the world of young adulthood and all that entails.

Contact me now for a free 20 minute chat about EFT

EFT Action Packages

Action Packages are a great way of setting your intention to work on one or more issues

  • Tapping on a particular issue may bring up something else – what we think is the problem may be covering a totally different issue
  • EFT is a great way of helping with the emotional aspects of physical problems but it is difficult to say how long they can take to resolve as there are many factors involved.

3 sessions

Session duration: 60 minutes
Cost: £135
Frequency: to be agreed

This is a great place to start working on a problem. This is done in a very gentle way – at your pace. Some progress can usually be made in 3 sessions unless it’s a very complex issue or a different issue comes up (which is not unusual).

This could include:

  • a single phobia e.g., needles, spiders, by tapping and very gently releasing the negative associations which caused the phobia in the first place
  • Anxiety over a particular issue or feeling overwhelmed
  • Building confidence/working through a particular situation at work

All sessions to be taken within 4 months

6 sessions

Session duration: 60 minutes
Cost: £255
Frequency: to be agreed but could be weekly/fortnightly initially, moving to monthly.

6 sessions provide time to work on deeper or longer standing issues or indeed ones that are prominent now.

This could be

  • a family situation (the last 2 years has put pressure on all families)
  • anxiety – about your own or someone else’s health problem or about work or money – or a combination of worries.
  • Grieving for a loved one – losing a loved one is tough at any time but particularly in a pandemic when you can’t be there to support or say goodbye. Grief is not linear and it doesn’t just go away but EFT can help to bring the intensity down and to ease some of the associated pain.
  • looking at what’s holding you back from losing weight,

All sessions to be taken within 7 months

9 sessions

Session duration: 60 minutes
Cost: £360
Frequency: to be agreed but could be weekly/fortnightly initially, moving to monthly.

Whilst EFT can be effective surprisingly quickly, sometimes we feel we need to unpack all the ‘stuff’ we’ve been holding on to. To do this gently and safely, we work at your pace and so dealing with deep seated and multiple anxieties can take more time.
Sometimes it transpires that what we thought was a ‘simple’ issue (and so only booked 3 or 6 sessions) is far more complex for example

The 9-session package enables you to focus on bringing relief and ease from issues that are holding you back.

All sessions to be taken within 10 months

Support is available by email between your sessions and for 4 weeks after the last session

Group Tapping

Group tapping sessions are a great way to introduce people to EFT. It will usually be a very general topic such as ‘Tapping for stress relief’ or ‘Tapping for improving sports performance’

I have successfully run 3 group tapping sessions where we tapped on cravings. For most of the group this was for chocolate but for those who craved other items (e.g.,wine, crisps) it was equally successful at bringing cravings for those items down. Some group members started with the highest intensity of 10 when they wanted to eat the craved item immediately.

Within 5 minutes we’d brought that intensity/desire to eat the item down by several points and after 15/20 minutes the majority of people were down to anything between 0 and 4 (where 0 = no desire to eat the item).

People commented the chocolate didn’t smell as nice as usual, they could only smell the wrapper, it smelled too sweet and one person just put it back in the wrapper. She then taught her whole family how to tap and did the same thing with them and the chocolate went back into the cupboard.

Group tapping – easy and gentle

Group sessions work particularly well when the people in the group know each other as they can be more comfortable with those people but they don’t have to know each other. A group could instead have something in common as above with weight loss. It would work well with a group of people for example in the same job, facing similar situations or people with a similar fear or health condition.

Tapping on exactly the same thing is not a requirement of group work. There is something in EFT called ‘Borrowing Benefits’ where at the start of a tapping round everyone identifies what they want to work on but they tap along and focus on the tapping that is being done for one individual within the group.

Group sessions for up to 8 people

Group tapping works well in both corporate environments and privately where people have at least one thing in common. Please get in touch to talk about group tapping sessions and find out how tapping can help you and your friends or colleagues.

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