EFT Testimonials

San Francisco
March 23

Michelle’s EFT Therapy Class was a very special and thoughtful experience for our employees. We have a Wellness Program that works with wellness professionals such as Michelle, to bring meaningful programming to our community and Michelle did just that. The class was engaging, personal, easy to practice and repeat, and overall our employees truly loved it. Thank you so much Michelle!

Review from Google – March 22

Michelle is a wonderful listener and a calm and insightful practitioner who I immediately felt safe with. I found the work with Michelle to be very powerful and it enabled me to explore more deeply and then process emotions that arose from my childhood. I was able to look at how these emotions were impacting on my current health and my ability to move forwards in setting up my new business.

Review from Google – February 22

Michelle is an excellent listener and picked out the important parts of what I told her and fed-back those parts to get to the root issue which we then tapped on to bring relief and then clear the issue.  With EFT, we took the intensity from the high of 10/10 down to 1/10  and in some cases, 0/10 which brought a huge lifting of the weight I felt I was under and gave me a different perspective on what had been happening and how it had been affecting me. Michelle helped both me and my eight-year-old daughter (who was having trouble coming to terms with grandparent’s demise). 

Review from Google

Michelle is a kind, open and natural healer. She has helped me enormously with a chronic pain issue when ‘traditional ‘ medication had failed to ease my symptoms. I always feel so much calmer and happier after our sessions. They are an absolute joy and I look forward to them every week. Thanks so much Michelle


I started seeing Michelle to help with what I thought was a problem in my self-confidence at work but with the insight from Michelle and the tapping through the perceived source of the problem we quickly identified that several things over my lifetime had impacted.

It was such a benefit to name and shape these feelings and then work through them one at a time, addressing nuances that came from the smaller items as well.

Michelle is wonderfully caring as we talk and tap our way through things, instrumental in reducing the intensity of feelings, bringing clarity and understanding and leaving me in a place where I can deal with the basis of issues without the emotions that often cloud our responses. Always a wonderfully positive experience and one that I will continue, with Michelle, to use.


I have seen Michelle several times for EFT and have found each appointment really helpful. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at first but Michelle talked me through the process and I found it easy to do, thought provoking and incredibly helpful.
I was amazed how quickly problems I have been struggling with for years, were put into perspective and largely resolved. Michelle is an excellent therapist, she is warm, insightful and caring and went out of her way to put me at ease and support me through the sessions. I highly recommend EFT and Michelle is the perfect therapist to support you with it. Thank you Michelle.

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