Group Tapping

Group tapping sessions are a great way to introduce people to EFT. It will usually be a very general topic such as ‘Tapping for stress relief’ or ‘Tapping for improving sports performance’

I have successfully run 3 group tapping sessions where we tapped on cravings. For most of the group this was for chocolate but for those who craved other items (e.g.,wine, crisps) it was equally successful at bringing cravings for those items down. Some group members started with the highest intensity of 10 when they wanted to eat the craved item immediately.

Within 5 minutes we’d brought that intensity/desire to eat the item down by several points and after 15/20 minutes the majority of people were down to anything between 0 and 4 (where 0 = no desire to eat the item).

People commented the chocolate didn’t smell as nice as usual, they could only smell the wrapper, it smelled too sweet and one person just put it back in the wrapper. She then taught her whole family how to tap and did the same thing with them and the chocolate went back into the cupboard.

Group tapping - easy and gentle

Group sessions work particularly well when the people in the group know each other as they can be more comfortable with those people but they don’t have to know each other. A group could instead have something in common as above with weight loss. It would work well with a group of people for example in the same job, facing similar situations or people with a similar fear or health condition.

Tapping on exactly the same thing is not a requirement of group work. There is something in EFT called ‘Borrowing Benefits’ where at the start of a tapping round everyone identifies what they want to work on but they tap along and focus on the tapping that is being done for one individual within the group.

Group sessions for up to 8 people

Group tapping works well in both corporate environments and privately where people have at least one thing in common. Please get in touch to talk about group tapping sessions and find out how tapping can help you and your friends or colleagues.

1:1 sessions

Sometimes deeper issues can arise for someone in a group tapping session.  Obviously it wouldn't be appropriate to address them in a group.  This is where an individual 1:1 session can be arranged for a different time to help you deal with whatever has come up in a kind and gentle way, at your pace.


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