1:1 EFT/Tapping Sessions

A 1:1 Emotional Freedom Technique session is completely client-centred. During one or more EFT sessions, I will help you to “tap into" your thoughts and feelings around a troubling issue, worry or past experience to assist you to gain clarity, new perspective and resolution. We will do this in a safe and gentle way – at your pace.

As we are all individual, different issues can take a number of sessions. We will talk about this before or during your first session. EFT does achieve results very quickly but some problems or issues can be deeply held and may take longer to surface and resolve.

Currently EFT sessions are via Zoom or Skype so can be from the comfort of your own home. Each session lasts an hour

I offer a free 20-minute chat to show you how EFT works and can work for you and to understand what you would like to get from the session(s) so get in touch now

1:1 sessions
£50 per session
£50 per session
Michelle M

Using EFT with children and young people

Quite young children can be taught the EFT tapping easily and they can use it with an adult to help them with worries about friends, school or anything else that is worrying them. I have used tapping with an 8-year-old who was worrying about going back to school during the pandemic and meeting new teachers. With tapping and simple words, we moved from a sad face to a happy face


EFT / tapping once learned can help your children with worries associated with changing schools, tests and exams, friendships, moving on to college or university and help them as they move into the world of young adulthood and all that entails.

Contact me now for a free 20 minute chat about EFT

EFT Tapping is truly a technique for life


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