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Are you:

  • feeling overwhelmed?
  • worried about getting back to normal after covid?
  • think you’re starting the Menopause, going through the Menopause, or have come out the other side?
  • trying to cope with parents as they age and/or are supporting them when they are ill?
  • grieving after the death of a parent, sibling or partner?
  • struggling to deal with teenagers/young adults causing stress at home
  • struggling to come to terms with your ‘children’ leaving home and the ‘empty nest’?
  • feeling a loss of identity at work and at home and what you now want out of life?  
  • going through separation or divorce and trying to support everyone?

Then, using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping), I can help you to feel better, gain new insights, clear old issues that may be holding you back as well as help put things into perspective, all in a safe space and at your pace.

EFT is a very simple and amazingly effective, practical method of clearing issues and fears.

Michelle M

Why me?

I’m Michelle Milton and I’m an Emotional Freedom Technique Coach and I would love to introduce you to Tapping and help you work through any issues or worries that are causing you stress, distress or that are holding you back. Call me for a free 20 minute chat about tapping and what you would like to get out of working with me.

After using EFT on myself for many years I decided it was time to train as a practitioner/coach to help others.  Having been through menopause, my parents becoming ill and passing away and children leaving home as well as loss of identity at work and at home, I understand how much all or any of this can affect women and this is the group I really enjoy working with.

Tapping really helped ease the emotional pain that came from feeling so helpless and at times lost.  When life felt out of control, EFT assisted in bringing things back into perspective.  It also helped lower the intensity of the grief I was feeling, so I could carry on without constantly being in tears.

(You may also hear it called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping – it’s all the same thing)

EFT is also great at helping with the following

  • anxiety – general
  • anxiety – specific e.g. exams/tests/wedding/speech/driving
  • addictions (smoking, alcohol)
  • weight loss issues and cravings
  • pain
  • stress
  • phobias
  • grief
  • anger
  • performance
  • low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • PTSD
One person is answering question about psychotherapy. The person knows about emotional freedom techniques.

About EFT

EFT is a very simple and amazingly effective, practical method of clearing issues and fears either by yourself or with a coach / practitioner.

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Michelle M

1:1 sessions

EFT is a very gentle technique suitable for all ages from young children upwards.

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Professional help. Psychotherapist talking with patients during support group meeting, panorama

Group Work

EFT is very effective in a group session, even when people have different issues.

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